Women skirts blowing in piss gameaction

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Japanese video game maker Sega introduced a new game, but it must play in the toilet, and the only male player since the game does not have hand valves, use them to control the injection of urine. The urine game called "Toylet", with toilet toilet pronounced the same in English, has been introduced in Japan around the restaurant and bar for male customers demo. Urinal screen in the game above, play is very simple, purely based on player strength and direction of injection of the urine will be played. Toylet five small game, one of which is the more powerful as long as the urine, within the frame of the wind blowing the greater the skirt blowing beauty, make her visible. Sega also Toylet in the insertion of advertising, took the opportunity to sell all kinds of goods and services. The game is currently only on sale in Japan later this year will be distributed worldwide.
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