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Discover Criss Angel Secrets Revealed

It is not as easy as it . I spent a long time trying to find out

how he does different tricks and for awhile did not find a thing.

Off Course you can find a few alright free tricks from internet, but in all honesty

 they are usually pretty basic and bore your watchers. Above Video it is weird huh ? Criss Angel is great because of the way he

builds everything up, so don't spend too long on finding "the perfect trick"

If you really want to be like Criss Angel spend awhile learning how to perform. 

Lets read this information: The Magic's Biggest

Criss Angel Secrets Finally Revealed! 

The star of Mindfreak the most astonishing and provocative mystifier of the
twenty-first century Criss Angel shares his philosophy of life and magic,
goes behind the scenes of his groundbreaking TV series, and reveals the
secrets to forty mind-blowing illusions that you can master!

You can learn how to levitate. Not just small objects, even yourself

Criss Angel Secrets

Criss Angel Secrets

Criss Angel - Collectors Edition

Stretch the boundaries of reality and belief with the all-new 15-DVD collector s edition set of the A&E hit series CRISS ANGEL® MINDFREAK.

Criss Angel s unique blend of illusion and reality and his ability to push creative, physical and mental boundaries has earned him the reputation as one of the most innovative performers of his day. Each mind-boggling episode on this 15-DVD set captures the creative master at work, preparing and training for some of the most awe-inspiring demonstrations ever attempted.

This collection includes every episode from Seasons 1-5, the Halloween Special, and a bonus disc featuring 6 lost episodes never-before-released on DVD all packaged in a collectible gift case. Bonus episodes new to DVD

Criss Angel Secrets

Criss Angel Secrets Tricks Revealed

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      funny, but amazing~

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      awesome guyzzzzz