Michael Phelps Diet Challenge (12,000+ Calories)~Funny

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Michael Phelps, most decorated Olympian in history, has one crazy diet. 12,000 Calories a day, and the challenge is to eat it in one sitting. Can I do it? Details of the challenge are listed below.

The Michael Phelps Diet Challenge:
- 3 Fried Egg Sandwiches
- Bowl of Grits/Oatmeal
- 5 Egg Omlet
- 3 x French Toast
- 3 x Chocolate Chip Pancakes
- 2 Large Ham and Cheese Sandwiches
- 0.5 Kilos (1+lb) of Pasta
- 1 x XL Pepperoni Pizza
- 0.5 Kilos (1+lb) of Pasta
- Energy Drinks
Total = 12,000+ Calories

Total Eat time just under 30 min, cut down so you are not bored. Welcome to question it, but you're also welcome to watch any of the other 300 videos I have online.